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Paint Boy proudly offers drywall services, from small patches to complete hanging for your home or office building. With a strong painting background, our in-house drywall technicians take all steps necessary to provide a flawless blank canvas for the painters. When using Paint Boy you can rest assured knowing that proper shims, seamless taping, floating out walls, and custom hand trowel or sprayed texture finish will be completed in a professional and timely manner. With the detailed finish and skillful eyes of our in house crew, a perfect finish and proper substrate is always guaranteed. The drywall, acoustic ceiling removal, and texture removal process can be very dusty and messy if the proper preparation is not done. Paint Boy skips no steps when it comes to tape, plastic, and paper for your home and your belongings will always be properly protected. Need us to install insulation prior to the drywall? Not a problem!

Benefits of Hiring Paint Boy to Handle Your Drywall Needs

The advantages of having your painters handle all your drywall and insulation are endless: stops any scheduling conflicts, coverage issues, texture issues, consistency problems, and overall quality are just to name a few. Let our professional hangers complete your job in a timely manner and at great per square foot prices! Paint Boy also specializes in custom hard to match textures for any surface. Plaster walls and acoustic ceilings are not a problem for our professional team. Let us strip those old acoustic ceilings down, re-tape, float them out, sand, apply any texture or smooth finish, oil base prime, and caulk all corners for a fresh new look. No job is too big or too small, and with the use of Paint Boy’s custom painters we can assure you a detailed finish that no other southern California contractor can match. Paint Boy’s knowledgeable sells representatives can bid off plans, take offs, or can walk your project to provide you with a detailed estimate at a reasonable price. Call us today for your free estimate!

Trust Paint Boy for all your drywall installations. Call us for a free estimate by phone at (877) 410-3405.

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Types of Drywall for Your Walls and Ceilings

We are the Drywall Experts

Square Edged

Standard drywall. Sheets butt against each other and should be plastered over. Uses include: Walls and ceilings to be plastered

Taper Edged

Regular drywall with a tapered end that allows for easier filling between gaps with joint compounds. Uses include: Finishing walls

Moisture Resistant

Core is impregnated with waterproofing materials, but is breathable so the surface beneath the board can "breathe" through the wall's surface. Can be used in areas of high water usage — as abase for tiles in a shower stall, for example. Uses include: Bathrooms and kitchens

Foil Backed

Has vapor-resistant paper on one side, so is less protected than moisture-resistant sheets. Has a silver foil-like layer on nondecorative side. Uses include: Used in cold climates; not for moisture-resistant materials or humid climates

Fire Resistant

Has greater fireproofing qualities than standard drywall. Uses include: Integral garage ceilings, some corridors, stairwells

Abuse Resistant

A polystyrene layer bonded to the nondecorative side provides greater heat insulation than normal. Thicker than other drywalls. Uses include: Garages


Has greater soundproofing qualities than other drywalls. Uses include: Walls and ceilings in apartments or condos

Cement Board

Not a drywall, but has similar properties and uses. Is a strong, moisture-resistant base board, often used as a subfloor, beneath ceramic tiles or as a backing for wall tiles. Board thicknesses and sizes vary. Uses include: Can be used as a sub-floor beneath ceramic tiles, or as a backing for wall tiles